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How I earn money working from home

About the Author  Markus

I’m sure you have heard of thousands of business opportunities on the internet. So far one company stands out.I’m a proud member.

Late 2015 I was browsing online when I saw an advert about a company known as Strong Future International based in the USA that was offering a way for ordinary people to earn money working online in the comfort of their homes or office. Initially I brushed off the idea that it was possible to do this. However, when I read the following about the company and the opportunity I decided to give it a try. I have never looked back.

I work in a global business where we share the profits every month. Join here and earn up to $100 sign up bonus

  • SFI was founded in 1998
  • It is a debt free company
  • You can do everything from your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Present in over 180 countries
  • Training is Free
  • Payment for work done is made via PayPal, debit card for staff or cash(for traders)
  • There are no purchase requirements

If I told you that I run a supermarket on the internet it would be hard for some people to believe. We have over 80,000 products shipping locally and around the world.

I’m a business leader with SFI. Everyone on my team receives training and support.

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Why Syrians are flocking to Germany

About The Author

Germany is a favored destination for tourists as well as refugees escaping economic hardship and war.

Since the Syrian war broke out in 2011 hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have moved to Germany and other European countries. While seen as a burden to Europe in Germany the refugees are considered a demographic blessing.  For the Syrians Germany is a welcoming nation that will provide them with jobs, housing and education.

It remains to be seen how the German Government refugee policy will translate into faster economic growth.  It will take a number of  years for full integration of the largely Muslim refugees into German society.